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EnviroPure Industries was founded on June 13, 2003.

EnviroPure Industries develops exhaust emissions technologies, produces and tests prototype models and licenses the production of the technologies. EnviroPure Industries created and developed the "EnviroPure Liquid Muffler"—a device that eliminates particulate matter from exhaust gases.

Markets for the products are diesel trucks and buses and gasoline burning automobiles. In addition to the Liquid Muffler for automotive applications, an industrial scrubber has been developed for use in industrial smoke stack applications. Adoption of this technology will allow communities to come into compliance with EPA standards for particulate and gaseous emissions.

The technology for the "EnviroPure Liquid Muffler" is proprietary to EnviroPure Industries and was granted a U.S. patent on March 20, 2007.

Did you know?

One factor that is driving the need for the EnviroPure Industries' technology is the potential changes in temperature that are caused in part by the increase of aerosol particles in the air to which exhaust emissions are a significant contributing factor.

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