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Automotive Scrubbers

Industrial Scrubbers

Products - the "EnviroPure Liquid Mufflers"

EnviroPure Industries produces an automotive and industrial scrubber with variations for diesel and gasoline engines and industrial smokestacks.

Trials with the industrial scrubber, resulted in the conclusion that if an absorption compound could clean the emissions of high content sulfur coal, it could remove the carbon monoxide from the exhaust of gasoline engines. Objectionable odors, fumes and particulate matter from the hydrocarbons are put through a solution which is composed of a blend of an absorbant and absorbing solutions in harmony with a small amount of reactive chemical. The solution withdraws all pollutants that would normally be vented into the atmosphere. The liquid compounds used in the process can be rejuvenated and reused for a fraction of the original cost.

EnviroPure Industries received a U.S. patent for our technology on March 20, 2007.

Did you know?

The residue that is left from rejuvenation of the absorbant solution is called "Straw Oil."

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